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Communicating Research on Flame Retardants

The 6th International Symposium on Flame Retardants (BFR 2013), held in San Francisco, CA, provided a forum for members of the international academic community, government scientists and private industry to discuss the latest scientific and regulatory developments regarding flame retardant chemicals. In addition to discussing scientific accomplishments, important administrative decisions were made.


  • We need to follow guidelines for abbreviations for the various FR classes to facilitate communication and minimize confusion. The International Organizing Committee recommends that authors follow the abbreviation system described in the open access Environment International article:

"A novel abbreviation standard for organobromine, organochlorine and organophosphorus flame retardants and some characteristics of the chemicals" by: Å Bergman, A Rydén, R Law, J de Boer, A Covaci, M Alaee, L Birnbaum, M Petreas, M Rose, S Sakai, N Van den Eede, I van der Veen.

  • It was clear from the Panel Discussion that we need to communicate better and share our work with Regulators. Send your work on Flame Retardants to the following panelists:

In California: Ms. Tonya Blood, Director, Bureau of Home Furnishings & Thermal Insulation

In the USA: Dr. Emma Lavoie, USEPA Design for the Environment:

Int he U.K.: Mr. Terry edge, Departmetn for Business, Innovation and Skills:

Books and Resources for Effective Science Communication (each book is a link)

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